Get a taste of the Little Apple!

Featured on this cd is a collection of artists, who have rocked Aggieville.

All Procedes go to the Wayne Gottstine Cancer Fund



1. Ultimate Facebook "Manhattan Kansas"

2. Plastique "Doll House"

3. Two Cow Garage "Hey Cinderella"

4. Headlight Rivals "Stuck"

5. Sally and the Hurts "Resist"

6. Funtabi "Everything"

7. Curious Things "By Far the Best"

8.Blackbird Fields "Lonely Saturday"

9.Jonathan  "Older Math"

10. Delicious Friction "Bad Things"

11.Split Lip Rayfield "Used to call me Baby"

12. Philosophy of Lions "Charolette"

13. Truck Stop Love "So Deep"


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